Call Center

»Call Center« is a Windows Desktop based application intended for employees working with customers by phone that helps you optimize your work processes to the maximum. The biggest advantage of NetCab Call Center lies first of all in its speediness, as you can introduce new customers into the database with practically maximal possible speed and secondly because it gives you a completely transparent overview of what is happening in your company. It is recommended that you combine this module with a module for monitoring and tracking, displayed on a separate monitor. In this way, a dispatcher gets full control over managing customers and vehicles. Another important feature of this application is an integrated SIP client, which allows the dispatcher to use regular headphones with a microphone and by that giving him or her free hands to enter as many clients as possible. Call center includes an integrated dispatching center, where you can add clients automatically as well as manually.


Call Center Features

·         intuitive UI (user interface)

·         integrated VoIP client

·         GIS data support

·         integrated map

·         server side or locally installed maps

·         order now function

·         order later function

·         order taxi by car type

·         regular customers support

·         contract customers support

·         history of customers

·         blacklist

·         database support

·         unlimited number of call center

·         clients supported

·         integrated SIP client for VoI

Management and statistics

Module »Management and statistics« is a web based administration tool to manage and monitor the functioning of the system, dispatchers, vehicles and customers. Only users with admin rights can gain access to this module. It is possible to change data about drivers and vehicles, blocked vehicles, passwords etc. It provides you with detailed reports on individual vehicles, dispatchers, call center or entire taxi service.

·         manage vehicles

·         manage drivers

·         manage blacklist

·         manage returning customers

·         manage call center employees

·         manage dispatchers

·         event history overview

·         print reports of call center

·         employees activity

·         print reports of dispatcher activity

·         print reports of driver activity

·         call center statistics

·         avarage by dispatcher or call center

·         statistics by shifts



»Dispatcher« is a Windows Desktop application intended for dispatchers working with taxi vehicles, in cases where dispatch service is separated from call center users (when a taxi company has a separated dispatcher and a call center service). All clients entered into a call center database appear in the dispatch center in real time. Dispatcher can manually assign the client to the appropriate taxi vehicle. Once the client is assigned its ID tag moves through the list according to the status (taxi assigned, taxi on the way, client in taxi). Dispatcher module is usually combined with tracking module, running in parallel on the secondary screen.

Dispatcher features

·         intuitive UI

·         unhandled customers list

·         handled customers list

·         history of customers

·         best suitable taxi

·         integrated map

·         database support

·         unlimited number of dispatchers

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