Taxi dispatching software

  • intuitive UI
  • unhandled customers list
  • handled customers list
  • history of customers
  • best suitable taxi
  • integrated map
  • database support
  • unlimited number of dispatchers
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Driver Application

Taxi vehicles are equipped with a touch screen terminal, attached with a robust mount to a dashboard or windscreen. You can also choose among other terminals or smart phones as long as they support GPRS, GPS and Android OS. NetCab application for terminals enables the driver to communicate with the call center while providing the center with accurate real time position and status information of the vehicle.

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Customer Applications

  • attractive and intuitive UI
  • three steps to order a taxi
  • option to see additional information of ordered service
  • option to book a taxi
  • option to calculate the price in beforehand
  • option to choose the vehicle type
  • map of closest taxi vehicles nearby in real time
  • option to evaluate the provided service

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Advanced fleet control

  • support for any open source or licensed map UI
  • support for custom maps
  • support for vector and raster layers
  • display of position for taxi vehicles
  • display of status for taxi vehicles
  • display of customer position
  • display vehicle movement history

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